I thought it would be fun to show you some of my recent purchases, from clothes to accessories to design & stationery. Some of these pieces would also make great gifts! I love scoring items on sale, like that purple headband and the mint sweater. Enjoy!

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Happy Monday! I hope all you east coasters are staying safe! Here are some highlights from my weekend.

1 // Obsessing over my new Steven booties from Shopbop. I’ve been wearing them almost every day. You know when you have something in your head that you’re looking for and you can’t seem to find exactly that? Well I finally found them! They’re really comfortable to walk around the city in and versatile enough to match a bunch of different things.  2 // Our aloe plant has become huge. It’s amazing how much it has grown over the past year and a half. It used to be super super tiny, and I never really noticed until I was lounging around this weekend. (Nick takes care of watering our plants, otherwise I would probably kill most of them)  3 // I love this ampersand I got from Workerman, originally spotted on Design*Sponge. It’s a nice statement piece and “manly” enough for my husband to like it!  4&5 // Sunday night my friend had us over for a family dinner. Let me tell you, I think I officially had the best lasagna and garlic bread I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m very particular about that stuff. All of the ingredients were fresh from the farmer’s market; the lasagna had a layer of zucchini and squash in it which gave it an awesome texture. After dinner we all needed a 20 minute nap, but it was so worth it. YUMMM  6 // My business cards arrived! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. More on that to come later this week.