Today I’m excited to share some new work with you! Alyssa is a jewelry designer who prides herself on using different materials and hand crafting every piece with care. We started with this mood board which was a great jumping off point for the design style she was looking for; mixing hand drawn elements with very geometric lines.

Her word mark is hand lettered to reflect her artistic and creative personality, while her logo mark is very geometric to reflect her design style and how these simple shapes can become beautiful forms when they’re put together. To take it one step further, I came up with the idea of filling the logo with different textures of the materials she uses, almost like you’re getting a glimpse into the form and functional side of her designs.

I’m really happy with the juxtaposition of free form and geometric shapes on this project and how they work together to tell a complex story of Alyssa and her work.


  1. Ooh! Both logos are SO gorgeous, Jen!! I really love the shapes in the secondary logo.

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