Alrighty! We are officially almost done painting our new place, the only thing left is the trim. When we moved in, all of the walls were a not so attractive shade of yellow beige, including the ceiling and trim, so we definitely had our work cut out for us. My amazing husband spent the week painting while I was away in China and we finished most of it over the weekend.

I have to say, choosing paint colors is WAY harder than expected. Everyone is always like “Jen, you’re a creative – this should be easy for you”, but in fact it’s quite difficult. Shades change depending on how much light comes into the room, what time of day it is, what color the ceiling is, etc, etc – but I think we ended up with some great choices that I’m very happy with. The bathroom took two tries, but that was really the only hiccup.

As for the rest of the apartment, unpacking is almost done. There are always those few straggling items that there is nowhere to store, so we’re working on that this week. Next is hanging art on the walls – always the hardest part! I definitely have a commitment issue with nailing frames up – I’m hoping to acquire a few new pieces and buy some frames for some existing prints. I’d love this print for our living room (the dark blue/gray walls) and these for our bathroom (the deep sea green).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


vintage-cordial-glasses vintage-wine-glasses vintage-wine-glasses-2 vintage-chicago-bridges

Remember when Nick and I found this bar on our anniversary trip? Well since we’ve set it up, I felt like I needed some more interesting barware since everything is on display. Also, after my parents were in town and we realized we didn’t have any cordial glasses for them to drink their Sambuca, we added that to the list of things to find as well.

My mom, sister and I ventured into Andersonville, which is a neighborhood of Chicago with great little shops and a lot of antiques and vintage treasures. The first place we stopped into was The Brown Elephant, a resale shop that donates its prophets to support uninsured Health Center clients. Every time I go in there I always find so many neat items from furniture, to glassware and art prints. I was very excited when I found these gold rimmed wine glasses and mismatched cordial glasses for 50¢ each!!! I had to snag them and kind of enjoy the fact that they are all different. I set them on a bright blue tray I found on clearance at Anthropologie which adds a nice pop of color to our bar.

Lastly, I found this great vintage print of all the Chicago bridges. I love the fact that it will be a keepsake from the city that we can hold on to for years to come.

Do you have any good flea markets or antique shops near you? It’s the best place to find some really unique pieces and also keep your wallet happy :)



Hello hello! This past weekend Nick and I went up to Lake Geneva to celebrate our one year anniversary! It was such a gorgeous day Saturday. We rented jet skis and enjoyed the lakefront – what a beautiful lake! Before dinner we headed into the little downtown area, walked around and did some window shopping – until we came across this piece of furniture!! It was sitting outside a little shop and I automatically fell in love with it. We’ve been on the look out for shelving that we could convert to a bar and the simplistic style and leg detail on this one got me from the get go. The best part is we were able to snag it for.. $24! Yes, $24, I still can’t believe it. As soon as the shop owner told us how much it was we immediately confirmed that it will be our new bar. It’s solid pine and handmade by the gentlemen who sold it to us. It was very beat up which is why we ultimately decided to paint it (I loved the natural color of the wood), but I’m super happy about the way it came out!


We sanded it down, then used a roller and applied 2 coats of white paint followed by a matte water based sealant. We liked the detail of the legs so we decided to keep them their natural color for some contrast. It’s pretty cool that this will be a little token from our one year anniversary and something we can hold on to for a long time to come. Who wants to come over for drinks??? :)




Rashi and I are back with another edition of Write & Wrap! This time we decided to change it up a bit and do tags, since they’re a great way to add a fun little touch to any gift. As soon as I saw Rashi’s designs I thought they would be perfect for a hostess gift; a nice bottle of wine and some coasters to celebrate the end of summer!

summer gift tags rashi birla

I always have this crafters hemp string handy to add last minute touches to paper goods, gifts, packages, you name it. I used the gold striped string to tie the tags on both the coasters and the wine – super easy!



I’m heading out to Nick’s family’s lake house for the week so I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying some vino. Happy weekend!

PS / be sure to check back Monday to see the tags I designed and how Rashi wrapped them!