Hello hello! This past weekend Nick and I went up to Lake Geneva to celebrate our one year anniversary! It was such a gorgeous day Saturday. We rented jet skis and enjoyed the lakefront – what a beautiful lake! Before dinner we headed into the little downtown area, walked around and did some window shopping – until we came across this piece of furniture!! It was sitting outside a little shop and I automatically fell in love with it. We’ve been on the look out for shelving that we could convert to a bar and the simplistic style and leg detail on this one got me from the get go. The best part is we were able to snag it for.. $24! Yes, $24, I still can’t believe it. As soon as the shop owner told us how much it was we immediately confirmed that it will be our new bar. It’s solid pine and handmade by the gentlemen who sold it to us. It was very beat up which is why we ultimately decided to paint it (I loved the natural color of the wood), but I’m super happy about the way it came out!


We sanded it down, then used a roller and applied 2 coats of white paint followed by a matte water based sealant. We liked the detail of the legs so we decided to keep them their natural color for some contrast. It’s pretty cool that this will be a little token from our one year anniversary and something we can hold on to for a long time to come. Who wants to come over for drinks??? :)


Colors of Miami


When I was in Miami, we went to a couple different restaurants that served their french fries and other side dishes in terra cotta pots… genius! I thought it was such a clever idea and decided to try it for myself. I wanted to add a color accent to the pots for sophistication, while still maintaining their natural look – that’s where the diagonal lines came in. This is a SUPER easy and quick little project, not to mention the whole thing was under $10!



Rashi and I are back for another round of Write & Wrap! This time, we’re featuring some pretty awesome Valentine’s Day cards. When Rashi sent me her design, I knew right away that I wanted to make a cute little stationery package with it. How great are the details in this card??! Not to mention, I’m kind of a big JT fan, just saying.

Write-wrap-valentines2For me, Valentine’s Day is a great time to get creative with stationery. Something so simple can be so meaningful for your significant other or your best friends. It’s a chance for you to say how much they mean to you with good old fashioned snail mail. We never do big gifts around here, so I thought packaging together some instax minis and other heart themed things is just the perfect way to say I love you.

A lot of these items I already had in my ever-growing stationery collection, but Paper Source is a great place to find goodies like this. Another favorite of mine is Mignon Kitchen, Rachel has the best assortment of little heart themed gifts – that’s where I got the balloons!

Write-wrap-valentines3First I stamped the Kraft envelope with a white stamp pad. Make sure you allow time for it to dry before flipping it over! I’ve made that mistake too many times. Next, I used the heart paper clip to attach the pictures to the inside of the card, along with a couple heart-shaped balloons. Finally, I sealed off the back of the envelope with festive washi-tape and stamped one more heart on the back flap.

You can download Rashi’s amazing card RIGHT HERE.

Be sure to check back tomorrow and find out how Rashi styled my card!