Vote for JP Graziano on The Drum!

JP Graziano The Drum

Jack and I just found out that our JP Graziano project made the cut to feature in The Drum’s Showcase online vote! Basically, the public determines which work goes on to be featured in their Creative Showcase magazine (!)

We would absolutely LOVE your support by going to vote! It’s literally as simple as pressing the “like” button next to each of our photos (we’re towards the bottom of the page). Thank you SO much in advance! Voting ends one week from today :)


Jen Serafini WIP

Halfway through the week! I wanted to stop in and share some little pieces of different work-in-progress projects I’ve been focusing on lately. A lot of fun stuff going on, looking forward to sharing everything once it’s done. Also, I finally joined Behance! I don’t know how I was so late to figure that out. There’s a ton of great inspiration throughout the site so definitely check it out if you haven’t yet!

You can see more WIP work over on Dribbble



I recently started (and finished) watching True Detective, have any of you seen it?? It’s SO GOOD. It also has one of the coolest title sequences I’ve seen in a long time (see below), and every time a new episode came on I tried to figure out what font that beautiful, condensed san serif was. Yesterday, I finally googled it and came across this awesome site called Fonts In Use where I found my answer and a great new resource at the same time. FIU is an independent archive of typography and you can search by industry, typeface or format. So if you’re ever wondering what typeface something is, you now know where to go! It’s also just a great place to browse through if you’re looking for inspiration. Definitely a game changer for me.


You can read more about this title sequence over at Art of the Title



Moving Story Home : Jen Serafini Moving Story News : Jen Serafini Moving Story About : Jen Serafini

Remember this mood board? The site has finally launched! Chris D’Amboise is a very talented veteran choreographer, dancer and educator who’s been a part of major productions such as the New York Ballet and Broadway. He was looking for a online space to call his own where he could talk about his experience as well as his philosophy of “Moving Story” – using dance to innovate as well as a means for visual storytelling.

The first thing that stood out for me was his beautiful and illustrative sketches; an integral part of his choreography process. Those alone tell such a powerful story so I wanted to feature them front and center as a part of the overall design. The rest of the site features oversized black and white photography and an energetic, yet masculine color palette.

I worked with rockstar Kunal Bhat on the development of this site – it’s so fun having a collaborative partner who can help push the design as well as bring it to life better than I could have imagined. Not to mention he’s right here in Chicago which makes the process that much easier! There is still some content missing, but check it out live here!