I’m so excited to share this little labor of love with you today! My friend, Jack Muldowney, and I wanted to collaborate on a branding project together, so we decided to rebrand our favorite sandwich shop, JP Graziano, as a concept design. We started this project several months ago, and finally got around to putting the finishing touches on it and shooting everything together!

JP Graziano is one of the oldest and most recognized sandwich shops and Italian grocer here in the West Loop of Chicago. They pride themselves on a rich history and generations of a family owned business, which is something we wanted to focus on and celebrate in our new concept. The colors lend themselves to a more traditional Italian look, while the clean and simple typography balances out the style by bringing in some more modern touches. We had a ton of fun building this brand out, from postcards to stickers and sandwich wrappers. This is definitely one of my favorite projects to date – sometimes a concept or personal project can end up being some of your best work, especially if it’s something your passionate about!

JP Branding _ J Serafini and J MuldowneyJP-Envelope-_-J-Serafini-and-J-Muldowney JP-Letterhead-_-J-Serafini-and-J-MuldowneyJP-Postcards-_-J-Serafini-and-J-Muldowney JP-Packaging-_-J-Serafini-and-J-Muldowney JP-Olives-_-J-Serafini-and-J-MuldowneyJP Stamp _ J Serafini and J MuldowneyJP-Postcard-Detail-_-J-Serafini-and-J-Muldowney JP-Elements2-_-J-Serafini-and-J-Muldowney